“Tiger” Double Ferrule Compression Tube Fittings offer leak proof torque free seals at all tubing connections. It is crucial to work out extra care when selecting pipe fixtures for fuel application systems. Ferulok┬« Steel fixtures are rugged and flareless, designed to bite in to the external area of this tubing for leak-free connections without significant distortion for the inside pipe diameter. Manufactured toward finest quality criteria, these pipe fixtures can be purchased in a broad array of sizes, corrosion resistant materials and configurations.

302 metal grab bands and Nitrile -rings provide good pipe retention and a positive, vibration-resistant seal, only using hand assembly. Compression fittings are more expensive and need a little more access, since the user must tighten the locking ring to ensure a drip free connection. These stainless steel unions can be obtained with a variety of connection types.

Compression fixtures can be employed when joining tubing of dissimilar metals. It is vital that the ferrules in tool fittings seal up any surface flaws to ensure safety. If the nut is tightened, the ferrule is compressed between the nut plus the receiving fitting; the ends of this ferrule are clamped around the pipeline, together with center associated with ferrule bows away from the pipeline, making the ferrule effectively thicker.

They’ve been designed with 4:1 safety factor regarding working pressure capabilities of the tubing used. Standard fittings are usually used KP-LOK Compression Tube Fittings for water and compressed atmosphere connections, whereas flare fixtures are used for gasoline and questionable lines. Compression kind tube fixtures will be the most often used in fuel managing systems.

There was a spot where in fact the locking ring compresses and grips the tube, making an airtight seal, thus the name ÔÇ×compression fitting. VIS-LOK double ferrule tube fittings offer an original advancement in compression pipe fittings, a proper tightness indicator! The INLOK brand name tube fixtures is an apparatus utilized both to seal also to grip tubing.

As far as I understand, you should use stainless compression fixtures with copper tubing, but generally speaking this is simply not done for 2 reasons: 1) stainless fittings are often higher priced so some may contemplate it a waste of cash and 2) Over time (i’m uncertain just how long), galvanic corrosion will more than likely happen.

Compression fixtures can be found in three series, that is LL show, L series and S series. Compression fittings are popular because they do not require soldering, so that they are comparatively quick and easy to utilize. Stainless steel compression fixtures will be the perfect solution for the issue. Compression fittings work well with rigid tubing particularly PTFE or polypropylene.

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